That’s right.

Ten months since I returned to Korea thinking that I was going to be pretty much picking up where I had left off when I checked out of here in September 2006.

You know, I was just so happy to be returning to Korea and another job that I never really gave much thought to what I would be actually returning to. I was just happy to have a job and to be teaching again.

Not surprising, considering what I eventually did not return to, the past ten months have been a major wake up call for me as I have tried to deal with a lot of ghosts and demons from my past.

It’s ironic when I think about one year ago when I was climbing the walls back in LaSalle, Illinois growing more and more restless by the minute waiting to come back here. I had been back in the States for a month and all I could think about was getting back to Asia. Now, I would give anything to be back home with my family and friends.