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Easter Dilemma

Easter Dilemma
What is really celebrated at Easter? Just a poem I came up with today for another Website. Feedback appreciated.
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  1. Hahaha, it’s cute! Never heard of yellow marshmallow chicken though…^_^

  2. Jeff, this cracked me up. And just whose eggs is the Easter Bunny delivering anyway? Bunnies don’t lay eggs. So confusing, but like you said, you just roll with it.

  3. The eggs are probably from the pagan fertility goddess. The bunny is probably just a convenient delivery mechanism. From my understanding, Easter is a holiday co-opted by early Christians from pagans. Still some controversy on whether this is an appropriate transmutation…a few Christian sects refuse to celebrate Easter and instead tie their activities to the Passover which Jesus’ last supper was more directly related. However St. Paul in the New Testament seemed to give credence to trying to win new followers to Christianity by adopting the customs of non-believers and befriending them.

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