Band Newspaper Photo 1979.jpg.opt836x593o0,0s836x593Modern English

It was thirty years ago today when 87 Men (formerly The Jerks) opened for Modern English at Augustana College.

It was also my best friend, Chris Vasquez’s birthday.

That was a fun and wild night that lasted until the next morning.  The lead singer of the band was really cool, coming up to us after the concert and asking us if everything was okay. Later, we ended up at the Mad Hatter in Davenport, Iowa and then someone’s house and a party that was still going on the next morning.

87 Men, which already had a loyal fan base in the Quad Cities (thanks to all those shows they played at the Mad Hatter), pumped up the crowd (which included a large contingency from the Illinois Valley). It was also the first time for Chris and Tony Innis to play with Dick Verucchi and Alan Thacker. Who would have thought two years earlier that two members of the Libido Boys would team up with two members of Buckacre/The Jerks/87 Men?

Gotta love those New Wave days of the early 80s.