War Remains

War Remains

Old letters and photographs found in a footlocker that had been forgotten in an attic for years take a grandson back in time to the opening months of the Korean War. He learns how his grandfather fought to stay alive in some of the fiercest fighting of the conflict.

Although fifty years had passed since his grandfather had been reported missing, maybe there was someone out there who might be able to shed light on what happened and perhaps information that might be useful for helping to find his remains. That’s the closure he hoped for; the kind of closure he hoped would finally bring his grandfather home after all these years.

Finding out about what happened to his grandfather that cold February night in Hoengsong had become more than some semblance of closure or a peace of mind for his father and grandmother. What it had really become for him, and he knew this the first time he read one of his grandfather’s letters, was how he began to discover a forgotten war.

“Jeffrey Miller captures the terror and agony of war up front—not just any war but the “forgotten” Korean War that lives on in the hearts and minds of those who lived through it and the loved ones of those who died. He alternates between images of horror and friendship on historic battlefields with scenes of the warmth, love, longing and sadness of a middle-American family on the home front. Over­all, the plot is imaginative, a portrayal of the suffering of war from vivid action to endless waiting and longing. His book is a welcome addition to the scant literature of a war whose significance intensifies with awareness of the threat still posed by North Korea—and the dangers of a second Korean War.”

Don Kirk author of Korea Betrayed: Kim Dae Jung and Sunshine and Korean Crisis: Unraveling of the Miracle in the IMF Era

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“Bobby Washkowiak battles his way through the bitter first winter of the Korean War, longing for home. Fifty years later, his son and grandson come across the wartime letters from the father and grandfather they never knew and learn what happen to him on one of the battlefields of that “forgotten war.” In this emotional tour de force, Jeffrey Miller vividly recreates the horrors of combat and the yearning for closure experienced by millions of soldiers and their families.”

Michael Breen, author of Kim Jong-Il: North Korea’s Dear Leader and The Koreans: Who They Are, What They Want, Where their Future Lies.

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“In War Remains, Jeffrey Miller has penned a gripping story of the Korean War through the eyes and hearts of a soldier, his comrades in arms, and the family he left behind. Vivid and wrenching battle scenes provide counterpoint for the present-day search of a soldier’s grandson for the grandfather he and his father never knew. With elegant and skillful prose, Miller brings home to the reader the chaos and terror of battle, the ache of loss, and the bittersweet cup of remembrance. This novel will give those three letters MIA new and deeper meaning to all who read it. In the end, War Remains is a deeply satisfying affirmation of the gratitude and regard due those who sacrificed so much in a war forgotten by too many.”

Steven Spruill, author of Ice Men

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