If I Was…

By Midge Ure

Virgin Books, 2004; 280 pages

With a musical career that has spanned over four decades, Midge Ure is one of rock and roll’s more original and innovative musical artists.

Ure is humble when it comes to describing his musical accomplishments. He speaks candidly about his early days as a musician with bands like Slik and Rich Kids, as well as touring with Thin Lizzy before becoming a member of Ultravox.

There’s no question as the frontman of the resurrected Ultravox in the late 70’s, that the band would have a profound impact on the music scene in the early 80’s. It is a real treat to read about his days with Ultravox and how the band would define the electro-pop movement with its cutting edge musical stylings. What I found most interesting was Ure’s discussion of the challenges the band faced trying to recreate the sound they had perfected in the studio for their live performances. I was fortunate to have seen Ultravox twice in concert: the first time on Halloween night in 1980 during their Vienna tour and three years later, on Good Friday, during their Quartet tour (the irony of those two occasions has never been lost on me). Recreating that studio sound, especially for their Quartet tour was no easy feat, but the band pulled it off.

There are more of these moments in the book which offer insights into the changing music scene as well as Ure’s solo career.

Thanks for the good read, Midge, and thank you for your music.