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A couples “only” elevator in Seoul

In the “gee, this sure sounds cheesy” department, a department store in Seoul plans to “introduce an elevator where only couples will be allowed in” according to an article in one of the English language newspapers in Korea.

Such a romantic elevator will be operated by Hyundai Department Store, one of the country’s major department store chains, this Sunday when couples are supposed to date on White Day.

White Day is a holiday when a man presents gifts such as chocolates or candies to his lover in return for gifts he received from her exactly a month before on Valentine’s Day, which falls on Feb. 14. It is mostly observed in East Asian countries such as South Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

“The couples-only elevator will be run at our store in Seoul’s Sinchon, dubbed U-Plex, only on this Sunday. The elevator will be decorated with balloons, roses, silk curtains, a cozy couch and a carpet,” Hyundai Department Store spokesman Lee Won-ryong said.

“It will carry couples from the first floor to the 14th-floor rooftop without stops for 60 seconds. Many facilities will be installed on the rooftop for lovers, too.”

Any couple will be able to use the unique elevator from 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday. But after that, 10 couples will get exclusive use of it for the next five hours, or half an hour for each.

“Using the elevator, each pair will go up to the rooftop where they will walk on a red carpet to wine and dine for 30 minutes with a saxophonist performing under colorful illuminations,” Lee said.

“It will be like having a candlelit dinner at a spacious open-air place with a great view of the beautiful night of Sinchon. It would be a perfect place for a male to propose to his girlfriend.”

Lee said the couples will also be offered various presents such as T-shirts, cosmetics and gift certificates. They will be video recorded so that they can relive the romantic times afterward.

The special services are free of charge and the applicants were received at the concierge desk of U-Plex on Thursday. The reservations were made on a first-come, first-served basis.

“The responses are expected to be pretty good considering the fast reservations for the rooftop events. If so, we are thinking of running the couples-only elevator on other days,” Lee said.

“We hope this event will provide a fresh special feature available in Sinchon and attract visitors from both home and abroad.”

What a gimmick, huh? I like the last part how the department store hopes to attract couples from abroad. Yeah, right. Nothing like a romantic elevator ride on a busy Sunday afternoon in one of Seoul’s most crowded department stores.

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  1. A couples-only elevator in a department store. How random is that? This is hysterical.

    -J. P. Cabit
    Editor-In-Chief, Fedwick Agency

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