as I sit here at my table, gazing out the window and drinking a cup of coffee.

Up early again this morning. These days I just cannot sleep late. It seems that I am always getting up around 6:30-7:00 on most mornings.

It’s been another quiet weekend in Daejeon, this last weekend of November.

Just one more week of classes and then a week of finals. Can’t believe this semester is almost over not to mention this year. Thinking about where I was at one year ago, back in the States and still looking for a job. That’s one thing that I have too much of these days: time to think about everything.

Defintely too much time on my hands to think about everything. It’s funny some of the things that I have been thinking about too. Just last night I was thinking about when I was in the Air Force stationed at George AFB just outside of Victorville, California. I was listening to The Beatles’ Christmas Collection (Christmas messages to their fans from 1963-1969) and it reminded me of listening to Dr. Demento when I was working late at night.

And then, it got me thinking about 1981 when I was hanging out with Sarah Kostellic one Sunday afternoon in December and listening to the same Beatles’ Christmas collection.

So many memories filling up these days. Sometimes I feel that these memories are all I have now.