A Korean War Thanksgiving

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 My Dearest Mary,

Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving Honey. Here I am again with all my love to you and Ronnie. It is now Thanksgiving night here in Korea and I am sitting in front of a fire writing this letter to you. I hope this letter finds you and Ronnie both well and I hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving this year with your parents.

The Army went to great lengths to make sure all of us had our Thanksgiving here in the valleys and mountains of Korea. We had our turkey and all the trimmings. It was about as good as it could get for army chow but I think it was more for morale than taste. One of my buddies said it was the best chow he’s had in Korea. I don’t think he was joking because he was angry that he couldn’t have seconds.

Tomorrow we are moving out again but no one knows where. We are all feeling a bit anxious and nervous about what lies ahead for us. We all thought this war would be over by now and that we would be on our way back home. Many of us are still clinging to the hope that we will be out of here by Christmas.

The nights have been very cold and some of us still don’t have enough winter clothes; maybe some people thought we would be home by now and didn’t bother to order enough.

Give my regards and love to everyone and give Ronnie a big kiss and hug for me. I miss you so much my darling. I can just close my eyes and see your sweet, smiling face in front of me and the wonderful memories you and I have as well as our precious and adorable son. The only thing I ask of you, my darling, is to be as brave as you have been these past few months and pray for my speedy return to you and our son.

Until the next time, my darling, I close with all my love.

Your loving and affectionate husband,


War Remains, A Korean War Novel

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