All quiet on the Eastern Front — the Monday night edition

I’m sitting in the Cybernet 2 room–which sounds too much like Skynet, evoking images of Terminators and machines rising up against us all–located in the Solbridge International School of Business where I have my evening Writing Center hours from 7-9. It’s week 2 of the autumn semester and I don’t expect anyone to be coming in for writing assistance this evening.

Solbridge is located next to the railroad tracks so every couple of minutes there is another train rumbling by–so often that you won’t even notice (Blues Brothers 1980)–but I do notice and wonder, when I see the lighted carriages passing by, who these people are riding the rails north to Seoul or south to Pusan.

Supposedly there is another typhoon churning around in the South China Sea headed toward the Korean peninsula. If it does make landfall it might cool things off a bit here.

Sent off another creative nonfiction piece today to the Stir Fry Literary Magazine. They published one of my stories this summer and thought I’d give them another shot. Still waiting to hear something on the 50 stories that I have submitted.

I hear someone walking outside. Could it be my first writing tutorial this evening? False alarm. Just the cleaning lady.

Another train rumbles by.

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  1. seeharhed September 8, 2010 at 12:03 am # Reply

    I could use some writing assistance myself. Perhaps, all your students went out for some drinks last night.

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