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And now Hillary is the “Comeback Kid”

Maybe that is what some political analysts and pundits are thinking today after Hillary Clinton’s strong showing and primary win in Pennsylvania.


While she’s not exactly taking a page out of her husband’s political playbook in how to orchestrate a comeback victory during a much heated primary campaign, it does indicate she has a lot of fight in her left and that if anything it is going to make for an interesting Democratic Convention later this summer.


If Barack Obama had not entered the presidential race there’s no question that I would have supported her from the beginning. After all, I had voted for Bill in 1992 (I missed out voting absentee for him in 1996). However, once Obama decided to run, it made it kind of hard to choose between the two. I had a feeling that Obama was going to run for president at some point after he won the Senate race in Illinois. Just didn’t think it would be this soon.


John McCain is the man to beat come this November and the Democrats will have to get their act together if they want to win. I am a little afraid that this Clinton-Obama showdown might hurt the party and strengthen McCain’s bid for the White House.


Who would I like to see on the ticket this November?


Anyone that can beat McCain.


Nonetheless, I have always liked McCain. He’s a good man and has served his country well—in war and in peace. However, I am a Democrat and loyal to the party.


Still, anyone would be better than George Bush. It’s just too bad he sent us down this road we have been traveling on since 9-11.


You know, when you are living overseas you tend to see things more clearly—especially when politics and foreign policy are concerned—and nowhere is this probably better illustrated than how the world viewed the United States following 9-11. There was a period when most of the world was with us following that tragic day, but then everything got turned upside down and messy when Bush decided to invade Iraq. It’s not the kind of quagmire we needed to get into following 9-11—both domestically and overseas. Sadly, that is what Bush’s legacy is going to be and his place in the history books.


There’s no question that this is going to be a very interesting presidential race and one that the whole world is watching closely—very closely.


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  1. I think she has a long way to go.

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