Back to Seoul again this morning for another job interview; this time it’s for a teaching position at Konkuk University.

One of my former FLI colleagues, Peter Ryan gave me the heads up on this job opening. I sent off some of my documents by email a few weeks ago and didn’t hear anything from the school until last week when I was informed of the interview schedule.

Got up at 6:00 and was out the door by 7:15. Got to Daejeon Station about ten minutes later and by 7:36 I was on the KTX bound for Seoul.

About thirty minutes north of Daejeon the landscape had turned into—for lack of a better expression—a winter wonderland. That was a nice touch to the day even though it only made me feel sad and more nostalgic, not to mention homesick. These days and nights have been pretty rough to get through. This is going to be my first Christmas in Korea since 2000 and my first one alone since 1991. Just can’t seem to shake that. Everything about being here now, trying to find a better job and thinking about where I have been and where I am trying to get is more intense at this time of the year. Just can’t seem to shake the blues no matter what.

And then going to Konkuk today reminded me of when I used to live in Chamsil back in 1990-1991. Got me thinking about riding the subway (No. 2 Line) downtown and what it was like being here for my first Christmas back in 1990.