I’ve been having a lot of those since I first arrived here a little over a year ago; however, my Sundays and in fact most days and nights are not as quiet as they once were here ever since my very loud upstairs neighbor moved in a few weeks back.  

There’s no other way to put it—this guy is loud. I’ve already had to mention it to him once—about the noise level—but I don’t think it registered. I haven’t said anything since hoping that the noise will go away—that it was just a part of settling into his new surroundings—but in fact it has gotten worse. I am going to have to say something soon because he’s upped the noise ante as it were by starting off the day with a few primordial grunts and groans when he yawns in the morning.  

Last night was the first night since I returned from my last trip to Laos that I slept more than seven hours. I must have been pretty tired last night because I slept well. Got up a little after seven, made some coffee and called Chiu (On) and Mom. On was feeling okay this morning, but Mom was in some pain and feeling a little depressed. When my brother flew back to Houston on Friday she took it pretty hard. It was the first time in years that my Mom and brother had spent any quality time together and last week was when she really needed some of the quality time. She has more doctors to see in the next two weeks and then she will be able to start her chemo treatments. 

It might be a quiet Sunday in Daejeon with nothing to do but I have a lot on my plate—and a lot on my mind. It’s no wonder that I have been having a hard time sleeping the past four weeks.