As much as I have come to dread the summers in Korea, this summer has been quite pleasant so far.

Of course, I just got back from a three-week holiday to Thailand and Laos where I had one of the best vacations I have had in a very long time (even more than the two months I spent in Southeast Asia last September-November) and my teaching load has been incredibly light almost to the point where I feel as though I am on semi-vacation. (It’s too bad the summer schedule couldn’t be tweaked a bit more to give some extra vacation time. Just a few more weeks off and it would be worth my while to stay here longer even with the lower salary.)

It’s been hot and it’s going to get a lot hotter according to the KMA. I missed most of the rainy season when I was gone, but there’s always the threat of a typhoon or two in August to bring heavy rain to the peninsula.

And being it is summer again with elementary and middle school students on vacation, I am teaching another one of these government-sponsored teacher-training programs again. I’ve been teaching these programs for the past six years and I have really come to enjoy them a lot. You really feel as though you are making a difference in a person’s life and that what you do in the classroom will benefit other students who will be learning English one day.

This time around I am teaching reading and writing which is a lot of fun because I am able to do something which I am most familiar with. After having taught at Yonsei University’s Foreign Language Institute for as long as I did, people down here in Daejeon have taken notice of my experience and given me some better classes. I hope that is why I have gotten some of these classes. I hope someone is watching out for me somewhere.