There are a lot of foods that I have come to miss while I have been living and working overseas all these years, which I usually tend to indulge (and sometimes over-indulge in) whenever I go back to the States.

When my Mom knows that I am planning on coming back home she usually starts stocking up on some of the things that I have missed most since the last time I was home. Opening up the refrigerator or one of the cupboards the first day or two that I am back home is a big culinary thrill for me to see what surprises Mom has in store for me with everything from Swiss cheese, Genoa Salami, and homemade potato salad (from the HyVee Deli) to coffee cake and macaroni and cheese.

That’s right. Macaroni and Cheese. I’ve never stopped enjoying macaroni and cheese over the years. It was always a treat to eat when I was younger and when I was in grad school I practically survived on it along with ramen and tuna fish.

And then I read today that macaroni and cheese is making a comeback. Gee, I never thought that it had disappeared.

“One of the nation’s hottest food trends is both targeting nostalgic grown-ups and putting smiles on kids’ faces: mac & cheese.

In an age of better-for-you eating, calorie- and carb-heavy macaroni and cheese is making a comeback. It’s now sold in restaurants from fast food and casual dining to chi-chi establishments. Even packaged-food giants are cashing in as folks seek sensory comfort in the tastes and smells of their youth.

Sonic Drive-In started selling it as a snack this month. Kraft has introduced an organic version. Cheesecake Factory cake sells it as an appetizer. And at two trendy New York eateries, it’s the only entree.”

Read more here.

Well, I am not going to be able to make it back home for the holidays this year, but if I were, I know that Mom would make sure to have the refrigerator and cupboards filled with all my favorites including some Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.