Remember that awesome late 70’s early 80’s arcade game Asteroids—the one that you had to shoot at and break up spinning asteroids and flying saucers before they crashed into your spacecraft?

Well one of gaming’s oldest records was just blown up. And it wasn’t an easy shot according to an article on Yahoo:

After a grueling 58 hours of continuous play, John McAllister of Seattle, Washington officially became the best Asteroids player on the planet by scoring an unthinkable 41,338,740 points in the classic 1979 coin-op arcade game. The previous mark of 41,336,440 was set by Scott Safran back in 1982—the longest standing record in gaming—and was considered virtually unbreakable.

Way to go Joe!

Wow, I was just happy to make it to the next level on the ones I used to play at Friday’s or Murphy’s—two bars that I frequented on Water Street in Peru, Illinois back in the early 80s and also where The Jerks, Longshot, and The Libido Boys played. Of course, I was usually pretty well tanked when I played; hence the low scores.