Got into Bangkok this morning around 3:30 from Mukdahan.

Today, tomorrow, and the day after…then back to Korea. I can’t believe how fast this holiday has gone by. It’s been the most perfect holiday and vacation that I have had in a very long time.

On and I got to Savannakhet early in the afternoon yesterday and caught the first available bus to the border. There were just a few people on the bus, so immigration formalities on both sides of the Mekong took no more than 30 minutes. Indeed, it only took us 45 minutes from the time we left Savannakhet until we arrived at Mukdahan.

Although On and I were both quite hungry (we just had a light lunch) we decided to buy our tickets first. When we went to buy our tickets to Bangkok, the woman behind the counter recognized us from Bangkok the other day (I guess she must have been working behind the counter where we bought our tickets to Mukdahan). She was surprised that we didn’t take a better bus that day (yeah, On and me, too) so she made sure that we got on the VIP bus to Bangkok which was scheduled to leave in a few minutes. So much for having something to eat. We quickly (hehehe…there is that word again!) bought some snacks and boarded the bus. Well, at least the bus would be stopping four hours later, so we would be able to eat then.

Definitely a much better and more comfortable ride than the one we had going to Laos the other day.

It was really nice for On and I to spend a few days in Laos. It was good for us to get out of Bangkok and travel together. We’ll be back here next year in January or February.

About an hour after we left Mukdahan a movie is played on the bus. I recognize it immediately, Red Heat. Cool. When the opening Russian dialogue was subtitled in English and Thai I am thinking and hoping that the movie will be in English. Wrong. It ends up being dubbed into Thai. Oh well, the action sequences are still pretty cool to watch.