Sync CityI know it’s probably not fair to compare an author’s work with another literary or cinematic work, but a few pages into Peter Ryan’s sci-fi powerhouse Sync City, I’m thinking, “Wow, this reminds me so much of Blade Runner” – especially the hardboiled detective underpinnings with the characters and snappy dialogue. The fact that I love Blade Runner should give you a pretty good idea how much I enjoyed Sync City.

Ryan has penned an exciting, gripping novel about the future and time travel. I’m a big fan of time travel—who isn’t, right?—but this is unlike any of those other time travel stories. I really like his premise behind the novel in that the Earth’s timelines are all askew which allows marauding groups from the past and the future are traveling through time, and in the words of the author, “mucking up things.” It’s up to our protagonist Jack to set everything straight. After all, the future or the past—depending on where one is—is up for grabs. It is a brilliant idea which Ryan masterfully develops throughout the story.

Ryan’s got a winner here. If you’re a fan of Raymond Chandler or Philip Dick, I highly recommend you book the next trip to Sync City. You won’t regret it.

You can pre-order copies from Ryan’s Inkshares page (the book is currently in post production now) and be the first on your block in the past, present, or future to enjoy this exciting book.