Book sales are good, but….

Sales of War Remains have been good thus far thanks to getting out the word on Facebook and this blog, as well as War Remains but I am a little disappointed with the lack of sales in Korea, a market that I thought I would do better in given the expat community, the article in the Korea Times and the 60th Anniversary of the Korean War. In fact, in three weeks it will be the 60th anniversary of the battle at Hoengsong and Massacre Valley, which I describe in the novel.

I know it’s only been six weeks since the novel was first published and I had to get through three holidays as well as North Korea shelling an island along the NLL in November, so I have taken that in consideration.

I’ve heard some people say that they’ve had difficulty ordering through Lulu while others are waiting for it to be listed at Amazon. I’ve sold a couple of Kindles, not as many as I thought given how many people are raving about Kindle and Nook these days.

I just really want to crack this Korean market. I am surprised of the lukewarm reception it has gotten here, especially from some of the more notable bloggers (it was mentioned on ROK Drop, though; sadly only two people commented) in Korea (I’ve let three know about the book). I guess being in Korea for 20 years and writing a novel about the Korean War just wasn’t news worthy enough.

The neat thing about self-publishing your novel through Lulu, Kindle, Smashwords, et al, is that I can check whenever I want to see how the book is selling. You try not to check too much, though–hoping for another sale since the last time you checked.

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  1. Charles Montgomery January 17, 2011 at 3:04 pm # Reply

    Fire me a copy and I’ll review it in 10 Magazine….

    Man.. I’ll tear you a new one! ^^

    • Jeffrey January 17, 2011 at 6:29 pm # Reply

      Thanks Charles for your interest in War Remains; I’ve sent you some information on the book.

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