Woke up this morning at 7:45 to the sound of breaking glass.

What gives? Is there a fight outside?

Nah, it’s just your local neighborhood deconstruction.

Next door, some laborers are gutting a house like a fish and throwing everything out onto to the street.

And once they’ve finished breaking glass, out comes the jackhammer and sledge hammers for a couple hours of pounding and smashing concrete.

Unless things have radically changed here in Korea (and I don’t think so in Daejeon which seems like a million light years behind Seoul) in terms of fixing up a home or refurbishment, I can expect a backhoe to arrive soon and level the house so a new one can be built in its place. That’s what you call remodeling here in Korea. Much easier I suppose to demolish a house and throw up a new one instead of remodeling or fixing up the old one. If that’s the case, it is definitely going to get a little noisy here the next couple of weeks.