and time to turn up the ondol a little tonight.

Right now it’s around 29 degrees, but it feels much colder; in fact it seemed to have gotten much colder in the afternoon then it was in the morning when I went to school.

And speaking of school, today was my last day of this semester. Now I have a pile of tests to grade and student reports to write. I have until next Wednesday to turn everything in but I would like to finish before then.

Now there’s just this “inter-session” until the next semester starts next March. It’s going to be wierd working all through December; something I haven’t done since 1991 when I was working at ELS. It’s a bummer because you don’t make any extra money. You just end up teaching a bunch of classes and filling in for teachers who are on vacation. It might be cost-effective from the institute’s point of view, but it is a bummer for teachers who can’t take off the winter months and have a proper vacation.

And for me it’s going to be a bummer not being able to spend the holidays with my family. I have been trying not to think about it too much but I haven’t been doing too well. There’s no question that it is going to be a very depressing Christmas in Korea for me this year. The last time I spent Christmas alone here was back in 1991.

It was just about one year ago when I knew where I was going to be this year; now I am looking ahead to next year and going through pretty much the same motions that I went through a year ago when I was back home.