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On the road from Vientiane to Thakek.

Now, there are a couple things going on with this photo. First, “please” is misspelled; okay, that’s a little obvious. Now what got me chuckling is the next part, “butroom.” Yes, it should be “bathroom” but, (no pun intended) butroom makes sense. After all, it is a room for your butt.

Make no buts about it.

(Taken with Sony Bloggie)


  1. ahahhahahahahah that is so classic and typical signs in Laos :-). That might be little pricey to the local standard, 2000 kips which is roughly equal to $0.25 cents. Thanks for the laugh.

  2. Jeffrey, I like the butroom, at least someone is thinking. 🙂

  3. nothing was lost in translation here 🙂 I hope this but-room had flush toilets….
    Here is something I wrote a while ago about “lost in translation”

  4. haha,,, i think this is the perfect name for bathrooms. butt room!!

    I’m from Thakek by the way!!

  5. LOL, I meant I was born there. 🙂

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