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Carbondale Alumni Reunion in Chicago at the Smart Bar

It was a little over a year ago when I first wrote an essay about an email I had gotten from David Siegfried, the former lead singer of David and the Happenings, a band that I seen a couple of times in Carbondale, Illinois as well as Chicago.

I thought it was cool that David had stumbled across my blog one day and had read the first essay I had written about his former band and then sent me an email. Other than my very good friend Paul Collin who I met the first year I attended SIU (Southern Illinois University) David was the only other person I corresponded with from SIU.

After I wrote that blog some other Carbondale alums that knew David stumbled across my blog and soon people who had not seen each other in years were re-connecting. That essay was bringing a lot of people together and the chance to share memories and to catch up.

Now there’s going to be a Carbondale Reunion of sorts at the Smart Bar in Chicago on March 6 for many of these same people who re-connected courtesy of my blog.

That’s awesome.


  1. It IS awesome Jeffrey! I really wish you could be there. There will be lots of photos taken, to be sure.

    We have also scheduled an after – party dinner the following night, March 7th at 8pm

    to be at:

    Daily Bar and Grill
    4560 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago
    (At W Wilson Ave)

  2. I will be there in spirit, David.

    I am just happy that I could play a small part in bringing so many people together.

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