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War Remains — The LaSalle County Link

When I sat down and started to write my Korean War novel War Remains in the fall of 2009, I based parts of the novel on some of the interviews I had with US Second Infantry Division veterans who were at such places as the Pusan Perimeter, Kunu-ri, Chipyong-ni, and Hoengseong. Then, there was the […]

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Praise for War Remains

The following essay was written by Dr. John Endicott, President of Woosong University. This article appeared translated into Korean for a Korean newspaper. John E. Endicott,Ph.D. President, WoosongUniversity SolBridge,International School of Business Daejeon, Republic ofKorea Chung Cheong Today 7 September 2011 Something of Value ToBoth Koreans and Americans           I am oftenasked what I like […]

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Glowing praise from a satisfied reader

I am deeply grateful and moved by the following commentary as it was written by the son of a Korean War veteran who fought in the same battles I describe in my novel. Jeffrey Miller has constructed an insightful novel that explores the devastation that war, even forgotten battles in forgotten wars, can visit upon […]

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Today I was honored with the comments left by the son of a Korean War veteran who discovered my post about the US Second Infantry Division monument at Hoengsong and the battle that was fought there in February 1951. His father served with the 38th Infantry Regiment and fought in the battle that I described […]

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How I discovered a "forgotten war"

I confess, when I came to Korea 20 years ago, I didn’t know much about the Korean War. I knew of the war, but not much. Even though I minored in history, my knowledge of the conflict was severely and sadly limited. Most of what I knew, like most Americans from my generation, was from […]

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I saw a movie and wrote a book

Well, not exactly. What I mean is that when I sat down and started to write War Remains in September 2009, I saw or envisioned the story as a movie. I knew how the book would begin and how it would end, and I saw these two scenes as scenes in a movie, kind of […]

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