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Blue skies, cooler temps and a new semester

[youtube=] Sun is shinin’ in the sky There ain’t a cloud in sight It’s stopped rainin’ ev’rybody’s in a play And don’t you know It’s a beautiful new day hey,hey Well, the sun was shining for awhile this morning and it did feel a little cooler, at least not as sticky and hot as it […]

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Online Asian Photo Exhibition at The Camel Saloon

The editor of The Camel Saloon, Russell Streur, after he had seen some photos I submitted along with some of my poetry, came up with this cool idea about having an online photo exhibition of some of the photos I have taken during my travels around Asia. Called the Asian Caravan, it is a collection […]

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Picture of the Day: The Bridge of No Return

In December 2000, while writing a news story “Christmas in the JSA” I got which amounted to a VIP tour of the JSA (Joint Security Area) and the chance to take this photo of the Bridge of No Return. It was across this bridge in 1953 that POWS were repatriated at the end of the […]

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Picture of the Day: Sawasdee Khrap Ronald McDonald

Got to hand it to the folks who’ve brought us the Big Mac, Happy Meal, and Shamrock Shakes, they know how to market their product overseas, in this case that ubiquitous symbol of fast food around the world, Ronald McDonald who is seen here, outside a McDonald’s in Phuket, Thailand making a “wai” the traditional […]

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Blog Review: Sexton Chronicles — “Everything you wanted to know about Sexton, but were afraid to ask”

There are a lot of neat things about David Steele’s blog Sexton Chronicles but what I like most about this blog, are Dave’s posts about the writing life. I like how he shares some of his insights into writing as well as the anecdotes he shares with readers like the “Moby Dick” exercise or Clive […]

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My Favorite Quote of All Time

That’s an easy one: “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Why? That is how I have lived every day of my life for the past 30 years. I’m a writer and a storyteller and to write and tell a good story, one has to look at life. I know that is an obvious answer, […]

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Poem featured in Eye of the Needle 4th of July Edition

My poem “Maid Rite” is featured in the Eye of the Needle 4th of July Edition. I wrote this poem about two years ago about a Maid Rite restaurant that was down the street from where I lived in Macomb, Illinois when I was a graduate school student at Western Illinois University. I went there […]

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Where have I been hiding?

Not really hiding anywhere, but spending more time on my All Things Laotian blog as well as writing flash fiction, working on my novel and sending off poems and stories to various online magazines, as well as writing an article for the Joong Ang Daily. The law of averages dictate that sooner or later one […]

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Waiting for the ferry

Waiting for the ferry across the Mekong in southern Laos near Pakse in July 2007. And who’s the little boy in the back wearing the blue shirt? It’s Bia! Check out more photos of Laos and commentary on my upstart and exclusive Laos’ blog All Things Laotian.

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All Things Laotian

My blog All Things Laotian is up and running. I’ve blogged a lot about Laos here but I wanted a special blog devoted exclusively to Laos including, but not limited to culture, food, and travel.

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