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Book Review: Peek

I’m a big fan of flash fiction or short fiction and I always marvel at how writers are able to take brief, fleeting slice of life moments and bring them to life in this literary form. These are writers who have a very keen eye for detail who capture these snapshots of life and then […]

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Book Review: The Next Better Place

Imagine a young boy and his estranged father on the road traveling across the United States on their way to California. Imagine also, the boy and his father having one adventure after another and along the way, the boy and his father both learn something about themselves and each other. Could anything be more romantic […]

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Book Review: Sync City

I know it’s probably not fair to compare an author’s work with another literary or cinematic work, but a few pages into Peter Ryan’s sci-fi powerhouse Sync City, I’m thinking, “Wow, this reminds me so much of Blade Runner” – especially the hardboiled detective underpinnings with the characters and snappy dialogue. The fact that I love […]

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Book Review: Letters from Joseon

Korea in the late nineteenth century was a turbulent time. John Mahelm Berry Sill, the American Minister to Korea from 1894-1897, couldn’t have asked for a more difficult posting. In that time there would be the Sino-Japanese War, the Gabo Reforms, the murder of a Korean queen, and the subsequent refuge of King Gojong in […]

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Book Review: Tina Barry’s Mall Flower

One of the joys of reading is discovering a new author and immediately falling in love with his or her writing. Such was the case when I heard about Tina Barry’s Mall Flower. The stories and poetry in this collection are just as much visceral as they are bittersweet images and vignettes of school, broken […]

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Book Review: A Divided House, the Story of Ike and McCarthy

  Publisher: Createspace (August 5, 2014) Synopsis: Set against the backdrop of the Cold War and the power-grab by the Soviet Union to elevate itself to the status of the world’s foremost nuclear power, the deadly serious struggle between “Ike” and “Joe” played itself out from September of 1952 through December of 1954 amidst the machinations […]

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Book Review: The Break: Tales from a Revolution–Nova Scotia

Brief Candle Press, October 2014 158 pages Synopsis:  Susannah Mills is trying to put the pieces of her shattered life back together after she and her father flee their erstwhile neighbors in rebellious Massachusetts.When the American War of Independence visits the safe haven they have found in Nova Scotia, she must rely on her inner […]

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Book Review: An American MP in Korea

An American MP in Korea 416 pages Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc. Synopsis: When Richard Cezar is drafted into the army in the fall of 1965, trained as a military policeman and shipped off to South Korea, he believes that fate has spared him the horrors of a burgeoning war in Vietnam. But instead, he’s […]

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Book Review: The Silla Project

The Silla Project PlotForge, Ltd. (August 12, 2012) SYNPOSIS: Kim Jong Il, the tyrannical leader of North Korea, hopes nuclear weapons will reunite the divided nation under his iron fist. But turning plutonium into weapons is more than the tiny country hoped for. In a desperate ploy to achieve his aim before economic crisis destroys […]

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Folks who like Ice Cream Headache

This a from a five-star review by Randy Mixter, acclaimed author of Morning Star and Letters from Long Binh: Memoirs of a Military Policeman in Vietnam: “I have just ridden a time machine thanks to author Jeffrey Miller and his book Ice Cream Headache. This book grabbed me on page one and took me back […]

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