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Book Review: The Next Better Place

Imagine a young boy and his estranged father on the road traveling across the United States on their way to California. Imagine also, the boy and his father having one adventure after another and along the way, the boy and his father both learn something about themselves and each other. Could anything be more romantic […]

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Review of Ice Cream Headache — Boston Literary Magazine

Not since Peyton Place has there been such a merciless exposé of the American experience in all its beauty, fragility, and raw brutal ugliness. Set in the mid-60s in a small town just starting to experience the horror of the Vietnam War, this powerful character-driven novella incorporates all the archetypes: the loving parent, the bully, […]

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Ice Cream Headache — Downtown Oglesby

I have this photo of downtown Oglesby, Illinois as my cover photo on my Facebook page. Every time I look at this photo I see Jimmy, Billy, or Johnny–three of the main characters in my novella Ice Cream Headache walking down the street. Sometimes I just look at the photo to go home. I also […]

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A Korean War Thanksgiving

November 23, 1950 Kunu-ri  My Dearest Mary, Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving Honey. Here I am again with all my love to you and Ronnie. It is now Thanksgiving night here in Korea and I am sitting in front of a fire writing this letter to you. I hope this letter finds you and Ronnie […]

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War Remains Wins Top Honors

Last weekend, Saturday, October 2, War Remains won top honors at the annual Military Writers Society of America conference which was held in Pittsburgh, PA. War Remains won Gold in the Fiction: Literary category and Silver in the Korean War Book Award category. It is an honor for me to have won in two categories, […]

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The suspense is nerve wracking…

With just under two weeks before the winners are announced at this year’s Military Writers Society of America 2011 Book Awards, and with War Remains nominated for two awards, the suspense has been nerve wracking to say the least. In many ways, I have already won. All I can say is that I am very […]

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Glowing Praise from the President of Woosong University

The following essay, written by Dr. John Endicott, President of Woosong University and the SolBridge International School of Business, appeared in the Chung Cheong Today, a Korean newspaper in Daejeon. Dr. Endicott, a veteran of the Air Force, was a 2005 Nobel Peace Prize Nominee. Something of Value To Both Koreans and Americans           I […]

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How do I get Nicky Terrando from Point A to Point B?

You know that scene in 1990’s The Hunt for the Red October when Dr. Ryan (Alec Baldwin) is trying to figure out how to get the Soviet sailors off the Red October so Captain First Rank Marko Ramius (Sean Connery) can defect? He runs through all these possibilities until he figures out that…. (I don’t […]

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War is hell

An excerpt from War Remains: “Remember Washkowiak, we’re just ordinary men thrust into extraordinary circumstances,” Marshall said. “Each one of us deals with this his own way. As for me, I didn’t ask for this shit, but I sure as hell don’t plan on standing in it for too long.” Bobby wasn’t exactly sure what […]

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War Remains Nominated for two MWSA 2011 Book Awards

My Korean War novel, War Remains has been nominated for two awards by MWSA, the Military Writers Society of America: Special Korean War Book Award for 2011 and the Military-Army Award for 2011. Winners will be announced on October 1st at the MWSA National Conference in Pittsburgh, PA. I am honored and humbled to be […]

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