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Maximum Dislocation

Super-sized Yikes! You know what they say about biting off more than you can chew? Well, a Georgia man found out the hard way when he tried to eat a super-sized sandwich and dislocated his jaw. Talk about a nasty case of lockjaw!

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Hold the anchovies

It is Sunday in Daejeon, which means it is pepperoni pizza and movie day. Today, it is the 1974 Clint Eastwood & Jeff Bridges classic, Thunderbolt and Lightfoot. I haven’t seen this film in ages—not even sure, if I have ever seen the film from start to finish, either. This classic film was written and […]

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Serving up Chicken, Korean-style

From the moment I had my first taste of Korean food—a hearty bowl of that famous vegetable and rice medley, Bibimbap—when I first arrived in Korea, I have been a big fan of Korean cuisine. Over the years I have come to enjoy a variety of Korean food especially some of the spicier chigae (pronounced […]

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Tonight’s Dinner: Korean Doshirak

It’s 6:00 on a Friday night in Daejeon, South Korea and after a busy day of teaching, three hours at the gym (another 10 kilometers in 60 minutes) and then a 2-mile hike to HomePlus to stock up on Diet Coke, yoghurt, and water for the weekend, this expat is pooped. So, when it came […]

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Three Big Stars: North Korea’s First Fast Food Restaurant

It may not have a recognizable or familiar fast food name like McDonald’s, KFC, or Pizza, but Three Big Stars has one up on these fast food kings: it is the first fast food restaurant to open in that Stalinist Cold War leftover, North Korea. According to a news release in one of the English-language […]

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Food for Thought – Western Food in Korea: The First Wave

So there I was—the first couple of months I was in Korea—enjoying a steady diet of Korean food with the occasional burger, Chicken Doria (a rice, cheese and chicken casserole) from Coco’s (touted as a California Restaurant—whatever that was suppose to mean because it was from Japan) and breakfast set menu at the Paris Croissant […]

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Popcorn Balls

Popcorn Balls Gee lady, is that all I get; a stale popcorn ball dyed with red food coloring— when the folks next door are handing out mini Snickers and Butterfingers Copyright 2009 ©  Jeffrey Alan Miller

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Spam: Mystery or Miracle Meat in a Can?

It’s Chuseok time again in Korea and time for those boxed gift sets of soap, sesame seed oil, tuna, and Spam that Koreans give as gifts to family, friends, and colleagues. Some of these gifts seem practical like hand soap or even sesame seed oil, but for all the years I have been in Korea, […]

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DMZ Water: What’s in a name?

Well, if you happen to enjoy drinking a bottle of DMZ water, it’s history. I spotted this latest entry on the bottle water market in Korea and thought, “I’m surprised someone hasn’t come up this before.” Sure, drinking mineral water from Cheju Island might sound a bit more romantic and exotic, or mysterious like Icis […]

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Cheeseburger, fries and a vanilla shake

Friends and other people who know me have often been astonished with my good memory—the way that I can remember specific dates, events, and other reminiscences. I don’t think my good memory is anything to get excited about—though some people seem to think so. Perhaps a lot has to do with where I am at—you […]

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