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Hot off the Presses!

The first batch of Bureau 39 arrived in Daejeon today, and in the immortal words of Ed Grimley (Martin Short) what a thrill it was to open the box to see all these copies, if I must say. This is one book that readers are going to love holding in their hands. As much as […]

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Picture of the day: Yikes! Who’s the nerd standing next to the guy with the broken wrists?

One of my best friends from high school David Walther sent this 1975 photo to me which reminded me of how much a nerd I was back in high school. What the hell was up with that Australian bush hat? What’s with David’s broken wrists? Read here to find out.

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Going Long published in joyful!

My flash fiction piece, “Going Long” was selected as Editor’s Choice of the month in joyful! When I was eight years old, I lost one of my childhood friends to Leukemia. I had moved from Cherry, Illinois to another town. Oglesby, Illinois halfway through second grade and it was after that when I found out […]

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Picture of the Day: Friday’s Saloon, 1998

It doesn’t look like it did in its heyday, but for this to work you have to close your eyes and think back to 1980. Close your eyes and think of some song from 30 years ago, maybe it’s “Life Begins at the Hop,” “My Little Red Book” “Turning Japanese,” “Message in a Bottle” “Bionic […]

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Blog Review: Sexton Chronicles — “Everything you wanted to know about Sexton, but were afraid to ask”

There are a lot of neat things about David Steele’s blog Sexton Chronicles but what I like most about this blog, are Dave’s posts about the writing life. I like how he shares some of his insights into writing as well as the anecdotes he shares with readers like the “Moby Dick” exercise or Clive […]

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Panama Daze

Here’s a real photographic blast from the past for you! Bud Tristano, this guy I was stationed with at Howard Air Force Base back in 1978 sent this photo to me the other day of us standing next to Miraflores Locks on the Pacific side of the canal. Thanks for the photo Bud!

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The song remains the same but not the memories

The other night, a song reminded me of a girl from a long, long time ago. It is funny how the mind works and what you might remember at any given moment; or what memories might be triggered by something you smell, hear, taste, or see. The other night, I was listening to this song […]

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How did you end up in Korea? Part 1: Lost Luggage, Digestive Crackers, and David Letterman

“I turned left at Japan.” When you decide to leave your country and travel halfway around the world to live and work-in my case to teach English in Korea-there are some things that you are never going to forget about your experience abroad and your life as an expat. It goes without saying that for […]

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Facebook Etiquette: Do’s and Don’ts

Facebook has quickly become one of the more popular social networking sites on the Internet. It has become a place for friends, colleagues, and acquaintances to connect as well as re-connect. Likewise, in this age of Twitter and “tweeting” people can stay in touch more and inform friends of their “status.” However, when it comes […]

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Breaking up is not hard to do on Facebook

Imagine this scene: two acquaintances have gotten together in a café, coffeehouse or similar establishment. They are both sullen and have not said much since arriving. Then one acquaintance turns to the other and says, “I’m sorry, we just cannot be friends anymore. “What do you mean, we cannot be friends anymore?” the second acquaintance […]

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