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Korean Health Care

As it turns out, after visiting the doctor again today (the third time in less than a week) I am not only suffering from Acute Bronchitis (I’ve never coughed as much in my life as I have this past week; I’ve never coughed so hard that it made my back hurt) but also Chronic Sinusitis. […]

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The shape of things to come…again

After a four-month hiatus, I’ve returned to my local gym and not a moment too soon. Talk about being out of shape–well, I do a lot of walking here, a couple of miles a day–but back on the running machine and step master again I had to start out slow (with plenty of stretching before […]

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Sardines? Who would have thought?

After reading this article via Yahoo, I’m sold on this healthy little fish. Packed in like sardines is going to take on an entirely different meaning. I’m off to Home plus now (a hyper market in Daejeon) to see if there are any cans of this healthy fish on the shelf! Wonder how they might […]

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Want to prevent H1NI? Wear Red Underwear

Back in 1993, I knew this one Korean woman quite well who had just gotten a job. One night, not long after she had just started working, she stopped over my apartment with a small gift for me: red underwear. “What’s with the red underwear?” I asked her. Actually, they were red long johns, but […]

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How to Get Rid of Man Boobs

How to Get Rid of Man Boobs.   That’s right, Man Boobs–nature’s way of telling a man that gravity works–at least when it comes to one’s pectorals. If you are inflicted with man boobs, you know that it isn’t any laughing matter. Before you fret and run out to see if there is such a […]

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Swine Flu Paranoia in Korea: Alert Status

It was just a matter of time in South Korea when the Swine Flu paranoia reached a new high prompting authorities to raise the alert status to a “red level” the highest level.   There’s been at least one or two articles a day in the Korea Times—the newspaper that I read daily—about Swine Flu […]

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Captain Carl’s Swine Flu Tip of the Day

Ever since the swine flu paranoia gripped Korea, I’ve been seeing all these posters and stickers in public restrooms showing people how to wash their hands. It’s a good idea to educate the public on hygiene, even though it’s the kind of hygiene that you’d think people should have been practicing in the first place. […]

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Losing weight while working out

[youtube=] Okay, so Billy Idol’s “Dancing with Myself” has nothing to do with working out or losing weight other than the line repeated over and over, “and I’ll sweat, sweat, sweat, sweat, sweat…” which brings me to today’s fitness question: is it possible to lose weight while working out by sweating? For example, is it […]

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What’s wrong with this picture?

What’s wrong with this picture? I’ll get to that later. In the meantime… Almost every day since Swine Flu paranoia has gripped South Korea there’s been at least one article in the Korea Times that’s Swine Flu-related. Just today there was one about an entertainer who got the flu while performing in Japan and had […]

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DMZ Water: What’s in a name?

Well, if you happen to enjoy drinking a bottle of DMZ water, it’s history. I spotted this latest entry on the bottle water market in Korea and thought, “I’m surprised someone hasn’t come up this before.” Sure, drinking mineral water from Cheju Island might sound a bit more romantic and exotic, or mysterious like Icis […]

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