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Welcome Home, Corporal James Rexford Hare

It could be a page right out of the Korean War novel, War Remains. Another soldier, Corporal James Rexford Hare, has come home from a forgotten war. And this time, it’s a soldier who was captured during the battle at Hoengseong. Hare was in the 15th Field Artillery Battalion, 2nd Infantry Division, which was part […]

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Hoengsong and “Massacre Valley” — February 12, 1951

I first learned about Hoengsong and “Massacre Valley” when I read Stanley Sandler’s Korean War history, No Victors, No Vanquished in 2000, but it wasn’t until May 2001, when I had the chance to sit down with Oscar Cortez, when I learned more about “Massacre Valley” and what happened to elements of the 2nd Infantry […]

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Memorial for US Second Infantry Division — Hoengsong, South Korea

Located in “Massacre Valley” a few miles north of Hoengsong, is the monument for the US Second Infantry Division, which suffered hundreds of casualties here on February 12-13, 1951. In War Remains, this is where some of the story takes place.

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Once upon a war

“When the cold, biting wind howls down from the mountains, I can almost hear their screams and cries riding upon that cold wind.” When I’ve walk across the frozen Woosong campus here in Daejeon, South Korea (approximately two hours south of Seoul) on my way to school the past few weeks—when it has been so […]

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US 2nd Infantry Division Memorial in "Massacre Valley" — Hoengsong County, South Korea

Finding the US Second Infantry Division Memorial in “Massacre Valley” near Hoengsong is not too difficult. First, the monument is visible from the highway; however, if you have trouble finding it, all you have to do is either look for this sign or show this photo to one of the locals to help you get […]

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South to Massacre Valley — Hoengsong County, South Korea

Leaving Changbong-ni (where the beginning of War Remains takes place), this is the main highway leading to Massacre Valley in the south and beyond that, Hoengsong.

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Changbong-ni , Hoengsong County — South Korea

One of the crucial scenes in my novel takes place at Changbong-ni, which is located north of “Massacre Valley” and Hoengsong. It was here on February 11, 1951 where elements of the 38th Infantry Regiment, Second Infantry Division comprising a task force (Task Force 21) were attacked by the Chinese.I thought the area would be […]

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Today I was honored with the comments left by the son of a Korean War veteran who discovered my post about the US Second Infantry Division monument at Hoengsong and the battle that was fought there in February 1951. His father served with the 38th Infantry Regiment and fought in the battle that I described […]

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Netherlands’ UN Participation Monument — Hoengsong, South Korea

Located in Hoengsong, South Korea is the Netherlands’ UN Participation Monument to commemorate the contributions of Netherlands during the Korean War. The Netherlands battalion played a key role in the defense of Hoengsong in February 1951 which allowed elements of the US Second Infantry Division and ROK units to withdraw to safety after having gotten […]

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A war was once fought here

“Massacre Valley” — Hoengsong, South Korea Earlier this month, I went to Hoengsong north of Wonju to visit “Massacre Valley” a Korean War battlefield that was the sight of a major battle from February 11-13, 1951 and one that figured prominently in my novel. This a monument/memorial dedicated to the US Second Infantry Division The […]

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