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You’ll love this story

Why Ice Cream Headache? Why not. This story works on many different levels, but what I wanted to show with this novella was a microcosm of America in 1968 that had already been turned upside down by the Vietnam War and the assassination of Martin Luther King. And there would be so much more before […]

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Soda Fountain Drinks

In Ice Cream Headache, Billy stops in at the Supreme Dairy Bar for a milkshake. While the owner of the dairy bar, Ray, is making the milkshake, Ray thinks back to when he was a child and went to the soda fountain at Adkins’ Drug Store with his father and sister for malts and ice […]

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Fifty “must see” summer movies

Summer is just around the corner and Hollywood over over the years has released some memorable movies. Perhaps you have seen some of these films before; perhaps you haven’t. Many there are some on this list that you don’t agree with you; others that you think should be on this list. (Although Star Wars opened […]

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Ice Cream Headache and Oglesby, Illinois

Although there might be some truth to the claim that you can’t go home again, I most certainly did when I wrote Ice Cream Headache. And it’s only fitting, given the number of years that I have lived overseas, that I “return” home  a lot in my stories, especially when I am waxing nostalgic about […]

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This Book Review Rocks!

There are book reviews and then there are book reviews! This latest one left at Amazon for Ice Cream Headache, definitely rocks! Jeffrey Miller is an instinctive navigator of the human heart. His ability to draw universal thoughts and emotions from commonplace characters in simple settings is reminiscent of Stephen King in Hearts in Atlantis. […]

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Upcoming Book Events: 10 Magazine Book Club

On Sunday, April 28th, I will be the special guest author at 10 Magazine’s monthly book club meeting. I’ve been looking forward to this event for some time and the chance to talk about my books, especially War Remains and Ice Cream Headache. Kudos to Barry Welsh, the organizer of this event, who personally invited […]

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Where are you going to take us this time, Mr. Miller?

You know, I had such a wonderful time writing Ice Cream Headache that I thought I would head on back to the Oglesby in the 1960s and see what else was back there to write about. My book in progress was originally a flash fiction piece I wrote back in 2010 while I was writing […]

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Why I Write: Back to the basics

It started with Invaders from Mars and Other Tales of Youthful Angst, followed by Ice Cream Headache, When a Hard Rain Falls (due out later this year) and now for my latest book in progress, Going Long, I am traveling once again back in time, back to the 1960s and back to Oglesby and the […]

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You can’t go home again; or can you?

Why did you write Ice Cream Headache? That’s what someone asked me today who bought my book. Because I wanted to go back home, back home to the memories which I have nurtured and cherished all these years. Memories like an old friend you’ve not seen for a long time but remember exactly everything the […]

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The Wheels of Fate

In the split second that it took for him to decide to go after the man running down the alley, the wheels of fate turned against the both of them. He remembered yelling for the man to stop; the next thing he knew, he was kneeling down over the man trying to stop the bleeding. […]

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