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All Along the DMZ — Part I

I just finished Barry Lancet’s heart-pounding geopolitical thriller, The Spy Across the Table, and I really enjoyed the scenes which took place in and around the DMZ on the Korean peninsula. Having been there several times, both as a tourist and a feature writer for The Korea Times, I appreciate those authors writing about events […]

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Retrieving Bones — Stories and Poems of the Korean War

This was the book that started it all. It was back in early February 2000 when I first came across this book in the Kyobo Book Centre in downtown Seoul. At the time I was a regular contributor to the Korea Times‘ Thoughts of the Times column in the Op-ed section and I thought that […]

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Praise from a Korean War Historian

Some more praise for War Remains from Andrew Salmon, author of To The Last Round: In middle-class middle America, the accidental discovery of a missing veteran’s footlocker jogs buried memories of the Korean conflict. This is the starting point for Jeffrey Miller’s “War Remains,” a novel themed around war, amnesia and remembrance that is published, […]

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Book Review and Interview in the Korea Times

Ines Min from the Korea Times wrote a very nice review of War Remains: “It’s never been a forgotten one for me; not with the lead I still carry in my body.” Exactly what has or has not been lost in the dredges of time is the Korean War (1950-53). Sixty years later, the battle […]

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How I discovered a "forgotten war"

I confess, when I came to Korea 20 years ago, I didn’t know much about the Korean War. I knew of the war, but not much. Even though I minored in history, my knowledge of the conflict was severely and sadly limited. Most of what I knew, like most Americans from my generation, was from […]

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This book is dedicated to….

That was easy. I knew from the beginning, when I sat down and started writing War Remains that I would dedicate the book to my mother, my eighth grade English teacher, Arlene Gandolfi and Oscar Cortez. My mother was proud of me when I started writing for the Korea Times in 2000 and went around […]

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It all started with a book

The day I held Retrieving Bones—a collection of short stories and poetry written by Korean War veterans—at the Kyobo Book Centre in downtown Seoul one cold February afternoon in 2000, was the day I started writing War Remains. As I stood there in Kyobo, debating whether or not I should pay the 39,000 Won for […]

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More praise from another veteran journalist and author

War Remains got some more praise today; this time from Korean old hand and veteran journalist and author Mike Breen. This is what Mike had to say about the book: Bobby Washkowiak battles his way through the first bitter winter of the Korean War, longing for home. Fifty years later, his son and grandson come […]

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I saw a movie and wrote a book

Well, not exactly. What I mean is that when I sat down and started to write War Remains in September 2009, I saw or envisioned the story as a movie. I knew how the book would begin and how it would end, and I saw these two scenes as scenes in a movie, kind of […]

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