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Once Upon A War – Jeffrey Miller Looks Back

Once Upon A War – Jeffrey Miller Looks Back

Memorial for US Second Infantry Division — Hoengsong, South Korea

Located in “Massacre Valley” a few miles north of Hoengsong, is the monument for the US Second Infantry Division, which suffered hundreds of casualties here on February 12-13, 1951.

In War Remains, this is where some of the story takes place.

US 2nd Infantry Division Memorial in "Massacre Valley" — Hoengsong County, South Korea

Finding the US Second Infantry Division Memorial in “Massacre Valley” near Hoengsong is not too difficult.

First, the monument is visible from the highway; however, if you have trouble finding it, all you have to do is either look for this sign or show this photo to one of the locals to help you get to it.

It is interesting that in Korea, the Korean War is referred to as the “6.25” war.

And what about the cow on the sign?

Hoengsong County is famous for beef.

South to Massacre Valley — Hoengsong County, South Korea

Leaving Changbong-ni (where the beginning of War Remains takes place), this is the main highway leading to Massacre Valley in the south and beyond that, Hoengsong.

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