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SolBridge Sports Day

Sports Day 2013 016aStudents got a little break from their hectic schedules at SolBridge today with the annual Woosong/SolBridge Sports Day.

Sports Day 2013 007

The SolBridge Jumpers

Sports Day 2013 003

Students cheering on the SolBridge Jumpers. The team made it to the finals, but lost.

Sports Day 2013 036

One Spirit, One Team, One Win = SolBridge

Sports Day 2013 025

Salsa, Salsa, Salsa

Sports Day 2013 043

Always time for a quick photo to send to friends.

Vanilla Milkshake


Have you ever have one of those days when you just had to have something that you haven’t had in a long time?

Today was one of those days.

I had to go to the Korean Exchange Bank during my lunch hour, which is about a 20-minute walk from SolBridge. I could have taken a taxi, but I love walking and the weather today, a chilly 49 degrees was perfect.

After I finished up my banking, and freaking out at the US Dollar/Korean Won exchange rate ($1.00 = 1123 won; thanks a lot, North Korea, for scaring the bejesus out of everyone and f**king up the exchange rate) I decided to stop at Mickey D’s on the way back to school for lunch.

And it was just about when I was finished eating when I suddenly had this urge for a milkshake. Yeah, a vanilla milkshake just like the kind Billy has in Ice Cream Headache.

Of course, where I am going to find that kind of milkshake in Daejeon, not to mention Korea? That’s the problem with urges in Korea. They can’t always be assuaged.

That’s when you have to improvise. In this case, I ordered one at Mickey D’s. Not exactly the real thing, but for now it would do.

On the other hand, Ice Cream Headache is the real thing.

That’s what everyone has been telling me.

Chris Backe’s Review of Waking Up in the Land of the Morning Calm

There hasn’t been much press about my recent book, Waking Up in the Land of the Morning Calm, but Chris Backe has some good things to say about it in his review last December.

This was going to be the book that I had thought about writing in 2009 when I wanted to compile all the articles I wrote about the Korean War commemorative events in Korea.

Instead, I ended up writing War Remains.

When I hear some of the horror stories that some expats have had in Korea teaching English, I am one of the luckier ones. I probably wouldn’t have stayed here for as long as I did had I taught somewhere else besides ELS and Y0nsei.

And don’t forget those six years of writing for the Korea Times.

Like I said, Chris has some nice things to say about Waking Up

It’s a fairly rare expat in Korea who can claim twenty-plus years in Korea. Jeffrey Miller is one of those guys, of course, and his first-person perspective on Korea’s history since 1990 is a rock-solid one.

Read the rest of the review here.

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