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Land of the Eternal Skycrane

When you have been in Korea for as long as I have, there’s bound to be a couple of things that you have noticed most over the years like how much Korea has changed and cities like Seoul have grown since 1990. To be sure, when people discover how long I have been here, they […]

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“Welcome to Korea!” — Part II

Not knowing when my luggage would arrive, and wearing the same underwear for three days, I had no choice but to spend my first Sunday in Korea shopping for clothes. I had packed a pair of jeans and a sweater in my carry-on, but not something that I wanted to wear on my first day […]

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“Welcome to Korea”

When you decide to leave your country and travel halfway around the world to live and work–in my case to teach English in Korea–there are some things that you are never going to forget about your experience abroad and your life as an expat. It goes without saying that for every foreigner who has set […]

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Not Quite a Stranger in a Strange Land

The other day one of my closest friends in Korea, Kyle Devlin said that he hopes we can sit down over a couple of beers a few times before I leave Korea so he can hear some of my “stories” about some of the things I experienced while I have been here. “When you leave […]

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As Good As It Could Get — Part II

I probably should have left years ago when Korea stopped being fun. I only stayed on here for as long as I did because I had a good job—”the best damn teaching gig in Korea”—as the man once said. That, and working along side of some of the best language teachers in Korea for many […]

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Going Through My Stuff

After living and working in Korea for nearly 16 years and preparing to leave soon, I have the onerous task of going through all my stuff. It’s weird—in a life-defining way—when you start to see how your life has added up by what possessions you have. A pack-rat by nature (I take after my grandfather, […]

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Today I Handed In My Resignation

Today I handed in my resignation at the language institute where I have been teaching since January 1993. Just like that I now have only eight more weeks in Korea before I leave. I once wrote that when I first came here in 1990 I didn’t know how long I would stay in Korea, but […]

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How to Confuse your Korean Waitress at Bennigan’s

When it has come to ordering food in a restaurant in Korea–whether it’s a small shiktang (Korean-style restaurant) or a western one like Bennigan’s or T.G.I. Friday’s–I have done quite well with my Korean-language skills (with a sprinkling of English when needed) to order what I want without any problem. Sometimes though, things can get […]

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Road Rage — Korean Style

There are probably going to be some things that I am definitely going to miss about Korea when I leave here soon. On the other hand, there are some things I know that I’ll never miss, especially Korean bus drivers. For as long as I have been in Korea, I have never been too crazy […]

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Back To Korea…Now What?

Got back to Korea late last night. Was supposed to get in at 7:45, but didn’t arrive at Incheon until 8:30. By the time I got through immigration and collected by luggage it was almost 9:30. I was going to take the shuttle bus to Yonhui-dong, but I was so tired I decided to take […]

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