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Remembering the ‘Salad Days’

When I think about all the years I have spent in Korea, I have to admit that it has been quite the interesting experience. Definitely more than I ever bargained for when I first came here in 1990 to teach English. Although these days I do not know how much longer I will stay here […]

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As Good As It Could Get

It was a good ride. I once said that I would know when it would be time to leave Korea—whether indefinitely or for good—and when that time came, I could leave here feeling fulfilled. I am not sure if I can say with any clarity that I have gotten as much as I could get […]

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When Push Comes To Shove

If you are living in Korea, you know the drill. You are standing in line somewhere, either at a Starbucks or a 7-11 waiting to be served when invariably someone will cut right in front of you. It’s usually when you are at the counter telling the person behind it your order or even paying […]

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Seoul Trippin’

I love Wednesdays. Never mind the fact that I was born on a Wednesday, it’s a real treat having a day off in the middle of the week. No hump day in Korea. More of a mini weekend to regroup. Still not sleeping too soundly. I wanted to sleep in today, but I was up […]

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I Don’t Like Mondays

Monday morning.Ugh!Where did the weekend go?Up at 5:00 as usual to get ready for my 7:00 early morning English conversation class. For the life of me, I don’t know how anyone could learn a foreign language at this time of the day. I suppose if you were really motivated enough to learn a language and […]

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Why Does She Keep Sending Me Text Messages?

Sarah sends a text message today. All her messages are about the same–about how much she is thinking about me and how much she misses me. It’s become somewhat of a ritual for her to send me at least one or two such messages a week in the eight months that we have known each […]

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Not Just Another Day In Korea

Sometimes one day seems to blur into the next. There’s a routine with little deviation. Days begin the same. A cup of instant coffee and a couple of smokes. Turn on the computer. What has happened around the world since you went to bed? Checking email and hoping for some response to email sent the […]

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In the Doldrums…Sort Of

Well, here I am back in Korea after being in Thailand for a month. It was a good holiday. I got a lot of things done that I wanted and needed to do while I was there. I was still on this “tattoo high” after Jimmy Wong’s tattoo festival when I arrived in Bangkok so […]

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A journey back in time

Sometimes for a journey back in time, all it takes is a subway ride.Today I went to Chamsil in southern Seoul to meet my special lady friend Sarah for lunch. She has a private teaching gig over there, not far from where she lives and because it has been hard for us to find time […]

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I’m Too Old For This Shit

The other day one of my colleagues was talking about this new club that he had been to in Itaewon. Judging from his fervid descriptions of his most recent visit to the club, I was going to have to check it out for myself.“The place was just crawling with women,” he said. “After most of […]

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