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Sure you can text and walk at the same time

Just as long as it is not in Fort Lee, New Jersey. Otherwise you could be fined. Avid texters beware: Fort Lee, N.J. police said they will begin issuing $85 jaywalking tickets to pedestrians who are caught texting while walking. “It’s a big distraction. Pedestrians aren’t watching where they are going and they are not […]

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North Korean Army Threatens to Turn Seoul into Ashes

In 1994, at the height of the nuclear crisis, the first nuclear crisis on the Korean peninsula, a North Korean official turned to his counterpart and said, “Seoul will be awash in a sea of flames.” Now, the Norks are talking ashes: North Korea’s military Monday threatened “special actions” soon to turn parts of the […]

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Pyongyang, we have a problem…

I hope not. Well, tomorrow (April 12) is supposedly the day that the Norks launch their rocket. All eyes are to the skies. (North Korean scientists work at the West Sea Satellite Launch Site, at the satellite control centre of the Korean Committee of Space Technology on the outskirts of Pyongyang April 11, 2012. REUTERS/Bobby […]

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South Korea goes to the polls — and it’s not pretty

I had the day off today; election day. Many people against multiculturalism avoided casting votes for the governing Saenuri Party and the minor opposition New Progressive Party in Wednesday’s National Assembly elections on fears of having a nationalized citizen as a legislator. Few hesitated to express their deep disappointment in the two parties’ support for […]

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Meanwhile, back in North Korea…

The Norks are one step closer to launching their rocket: North Korea has set up the first-stage booster on a launch pad in the northwest part of the country in preparation for its planned rocket launch this month, South Korean government sources said Saturday. The sources said the South Korean government confirmed the booster for […]

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Can the news get any better from the Korean peninsula?

This just in folks, via Yahoo and AP. Looks like South Korea is not going to be bullied by the North: “We are studying measures such as tracking and shooting down (parts) of a North Korean missile in case they stray out of their normal trajectory” and violate South Korean territory, said Yoon Won-shik, a […]

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President Obama’s in South Korea

President Obama’s in South Korea. There’s an international Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul this week. There hasn’t been a peep out of North Korea since they shocked the world last week with the announcement of a rocket launch in April to commemorate the 100th centenary of Kim Il-sung’s birth. There’s no question this international nuclear […]

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Did North Korea test a dirty bomb?

It’s this kind of stuff that worries me the most. German and Japanese intelligence sources Monday, March 5, confirmed – and qualified – to DEBKAfile reports in the German Der Spiegel and Welt am Sonntag that Western intelligence had known for 11 months that at least one of North Korea’s covert nuclear tests in 2010 was carried […]

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Blackouts hit South Korea

It has been unseasonably hot here in Korea this September and perhaps another indication of the effects global warming has on the world these days. It was one of the wettest summers I’ve ever experienced in Korea (twenty-one) and now, high temperatures have extended into the middle of September. Well, with as hot as it […]

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Military Writers Society of America Announces the 2011 book awards and Korean War Book Finalists

Military Writers Society of America Announces the 2011 book awards and Korean War Book Finalists. My Korean War novel, War Remains has been nominated in two categories, including Korean War Book Award.

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