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Testors Model Paint

The cool thing about the writing is not just the story, but the little details, the verbal brushstrokes you add to the story that sometimes are from your past; in this case, a little “Testors model paint” that I have one of the characters talking about. It’s just a small detail in the story, but […]

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The Shock and Tragedy Felt Halfway Around the World

I didn’t know about it until early in the morning on the 12th.   And when I saw those images of the towers, the smoke, the fire and the second plane being played over and over again I could not believe what I was seeing. I refused to believe what I was seeing.   No, […]

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Buckacre — Country Rock from America’s Heartland

  When I was a junior and senior at LaSalle-Peru Township High School 1974-1976 most of the kids hip to the local music scene were raving about this band called Buckacre.   A country rock band, Buckacre’s music was a cross between Poco and Buffalo Springfield with a bit of the Eagles and maybe a […]

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Walking Tall — Prepubescent Angst

Something magical and special happened between the summer of sixth grade and seventh grade at Washington Grade School.   I kind of sensed something was happening in sixth grade and I think a lot of the other guys had a feeling something was happening too.   The girls were, well different. I swear some of […]

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The people who define me — One of my best friends & baseball, football, and political cohorts, Luke McQuade

Yeah Luke, this blog’s for you. (And I swear you look like Alec Baldwin in this photo of you and your daughter!) I have been blessed with a lot—especially the people I have met on this amazing, and sometimes strange journey through life—and although I don’t always get around to saying it, (and personally those […]

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“As long as I have my Cokes and smokes….”

This is what this woman said to me on the Number Nine bus in Hamamatsu, Japan back in the fall of 1989.   I was on my way downtown when she got on the bus and sat down next to me.   She had only been in Japan for a few weeks and obviously—from the […]

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In dreams

Do you ever remember parts of dreams that you might have dreamt years and years ago?   Is it possible for certain images from dreams to remain long after you first had the dream?   Could these images, be subconscious snapshots of something we might have seen or experienced but somehow became part of a […]

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Eureka, Baseball and Greek Town — Part 2

The next day, it was an early start for those of us heading to Chicago (I have recently gotten in touch with one of my former classmates who went to the Chicago that day, Tina Blisset). We left early enough to get to the city, park and make it to the entrance to Wrigley Field […]

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Eureka, Baseball and Greek Town — Part 1

There are a lot of cool things that a person could do to celebrate their birthday besides just getting hammered or having a party with all the trimmings. Sometimes, you might even end up doing something that you never imagined you would do. I might not have had the chance to have a big birthday […]

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Paul Banging on the Wall & Other Weird Scenes Inside the Gold Mine — Part 2, “Return of the Fly”

I got an email from my very good friend Paul Collin the other day. It’s been awhile since we last exchanged email and it was really good to hear from him. Although he was a bit pressed for time to write a longer email, (he promised he would write again soon) he did mention his […]

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