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What am I listening to these days?

I’ve had my iPod Nano for a little over a year now and for someone who enjoys music as much as I do, my trusty little Nano has made listening to music a more pleasurable experience.Although I am still old school when it comes to music—I still prefer vinyl over CDs and Mp3 files—make no […]

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Old School

When Kenny and I were hanging out in Japan talking about tattoos and listening to Johnny Thunders, we always seemed to get on the topic of being “old school.”We both grew up during the same era and even though we might have lived halfway around the world from each other, we have come to share […]

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One year later

Has it really been one year since Jimmy Wong’s 1st World Tattoo Arts Festival and Exhibition?So much has happened in my life since I flew to Bangkok for that very special weekend. A year ago I was on this unbelievable high when I attended that convention, got a tattoo from Horiken from Yokohama, and then […]

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What has fate got to do with it?

Last night while Kenny and I were having ramen in this small shop in Kofu, I mentioned that this coming Saturday will be exactly one year that we first met at Jimmy Wong’s Tattoo Convention last February.“You know Kenny, if I hadn’t gone to the convention I would have never met you,” I said, “and […]

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A Literary Conundrum

“When are you going to write your book?” “Huh?” “When are you going to write a book about your experiences in Korea?” Yeah, right. I’ll pick a number and stand in line with every other English teacher who’s set foot in this country and thought they could write a book about their experiences in The […]

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