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UFOs in Daejeon!!!

According to the Korea Times, yes, but then that’s not much of a stretch for a newspaper that is becoming more and more like the National Enquirer (check out all the funky links) and a ghost of its former self. You can read the article here, but check out what one expert had to say: […]

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Captain America can’t keep his name in South Korea

He’s Captain America in almost every country around the world. Except three. According to an Associated Press story, “Paramount Pictures and Marvel Studios gave distributors around the world the option of shortening the title of “Captain America: The First Avenger” to simply “The First Avenger,” out of concern about anti-American sentiment. But the only countries […]

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I wasn’t sure about this advertisement I saw in the Seoul subway the other week; not really sure what a slice of bread and an American football had to do with a person’s face. Then of course, there was the blatant misuse of English. From what I was able to translate, this is an advertisement […]

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Do you want anything?

I guess if you need something, you just have to see if there is anything available in a vending machine. A vending machine inside my gym. This reminds me of the “generic” brand names back in the early 80s. White boxes, cans, bottles, with names of the products written in black letters: Beer, Corn Chips, […]

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How not to strike up an English conversation with a foreigner

There’s been this Korean man eyeballing me at my gym for the past few weeks. Well, not so much eyeballing than staring. I kind of figured he was either xenophobic or maybe working up the courage to try out whatever English he had acquired. Yesterday, he finally had the courage. Now folks, if you are […]

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WTF? UFO “Misteries”

Never mind the blatant proofreading error, this article that appeared in the Korea Times seems more like one I would expect to read in The National Enquirer and not the oldest English-language newspaper in Korea. On the other hand, maybe someone is not asleep at the wheel after all. Publishing this kind of crap is […]

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Autumn in the air

After all that rain we had a few weeks ago and sweltering temperatures as summer refused to relinquish its grip, it has finally started to cool off here. And time for the newspapers here to run their annual “it’s getting cooler” photo. This one appeared in the Korea Times the other day with the caption […]

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Pine Mushrooms & Phallic Symbols

Okay, there are a number of things going on in this photo (via the Korea Times), not the least of which are these very expensive mushrooms: Models show top-rated pine mushrooms from Yangyang County, Gangwon Province, during a promotion held in Myeong-dong, central Seoul, Sunday. Yangyang will hold a five-day mushroom harvest festival from Sept. […]

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Summer in Korea Redux

Now this photo is more like it–more like what one of South Korea’s most popular beaches, Haeundae (pronounced hay-oon-day) located in Pusan looks like at the peak of the summer vacation season which was this past weekend. Just get a look at all those beach umbrellas on the right. One of my former colleagues once […]

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You really know it’s summer in Korea when…

all the newspapers run pretty much the same photo of a crowded Haeundae Beach near Pusan. Check back here in my blog that past couple of years and you’ll see similar photos. August 2009 — Looked much crowded a year ago August 2007 — And very crowded again two years ago July 2006 — And […]

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