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Head over Hills

Head over Hills You know, that Tears for Fears song right? [pausing, for the punch line and the explanation] Now before you rush to correct my spelling, that is what I saw written on a T-shirt some college student was wearing. I was walking behind him and wondered, “what the heck was this weird English […]

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AM Chicago

A winter morning in Chicago and trying out my first digital camera — 2001

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New Infiniti

“An all new Infiniti model M is unveiled at W Hotel in western Seoul, Monday. The M comes in three types: M37 Standard and Premium on a 3.7 liter VQ 37 engine, and sporty M56 with a VK56 engine.” Clowns are optional.

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Sayonara Facebook?

Sayonara Facebook? How much more are we going to put up with Facebook security and privacy issues?

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Cold enough for you…in April?

Well, April might not be the cruelest month, but it is definitely the coldest April in Korea in a very long time. The entire Korean Peninsula is shivering with a record-low spring chill ― the midday high temperature for Seoul dropped to 7.8 degrees Celsius, Wednesday, the lowest for late April since 1908, according to […]

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Asteroids’ Record Broken!

Remember that awesome late 70’s early 80’s arcade game Asteroids—the one that you had to shoot at and break up spinning asteroids and flying saucers before they crashed into your spacecraft? Well one of gaming’s oldest records was just blown up. And it wasn’t an easy shot according to an article on Yahoo: After a […]

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Reflection of a winter day

You see a lot of these round mirrors in Korea and Japan–especially around an intersection, a sharp curve on a mountain highway, or anywhere else where there might be a blind spot for motorists. The idea is for motorists to see who is coming in the mirror. It also makes for a great photo on […]

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There are a million stories in the naked city…

And here are a couple of them. In this case, the naked city is Seoul where I lived from 1990-2006. And here are some statistics to go along with all those stories, courtesy of an article printed in the Korea Times: In Seoul, a city with a population of 10.4 million, the average resident is […]

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Facebook Faux-pas – Be careful what you Twitter about, too

Social networking sites like Facebook and instant messaging with Twitter allow people to stay in touch more with “status updates” and “tweets” but these sites can also be damaging if one shares too much personal information or if one uses them to rant and rave. There have been a few publicized incidents of individuals being […]

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Easter Dilemma

Easter Dilemma What is really celebrated at Easter? Just a poem I came up with today for another Website. Feedback appreciated. Read More

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