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Book Marketing Strategies: How Much Should You Charge?

I’ve read a number of articles and blog posts about how much to charge for an eBook. Most of these articles suggest setting the price between 1.99 to 3.99 and I would have to agree, though I think the 2.99-3.99 range is most appropriate for most self-published authors. Of course, no one wants to sell […]

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When A Hard Rain Falls: You CAN judge a book by its cover

Believe it or not, When A Hard Rain Falls has quickly become one of my best selling books. Although it does not have the kind of reviews that War Remains and Ice Cream Headache have, it is one of my best selling books on a day-to-day basis. Inasmuch as it is a good story about […]

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How to Avoid the Self-Publishing Blues #2: You’re So Vain

You probably thought this book…. Let’s face it, one of the biggest challenges with self-publishing, other than how to best market your book is how to overcome the vanity press stigma which many people have with authors who self-publish. Back in the day, an author would write a book, go to a local printer and […]

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Why Book Reviews on Amazon Matter

You’ve written and self-published the Great ______ (fill in your country’s name here) novel and now you’re ready to share your book with the world. What do you do first? One of the most difficult, if not challenging aspects of self-publishing—whether it’s an eBook, a POD(Print on Demand) or a book published with a traditional […]

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War Remains featured on Indie Spotlight

I’ve been waiting for this for over four months and finally today, War Remains is the feature book on Indie Spotlight. Hoping for some more exposure. The thing about self-publishing is that you do spend a lot of time promoting your book in every possible way. I wish there were more sites like Indie Spotlight […]

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How to promote your book

That’s what I’ve been trying to figure out: the best way to promote my book. I’ve done pretty much everything I could do with Facebook and my blog and now I’m trying to find other ways to promote the book. Frankly, I’m a bit disappointed that the book has not done as well as I […]

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