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“Uchide-no-Kozuchi” by Yuuki (a.k.a. Betty from Yokohama)

As soon as I knew that I was going to be in Japan for this weekend, one of the things that I hoped to do while I was here was to get some more ink done by Yuuki at Irezumi Hozonkai in Yokohama. I was really impressed with the traditional Japanese-style tattoo she had done […]

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Thug Live: Club Doctor, Shinjuku, Tokyo

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Weird scenes inside the gold mine — Part 2: To show or not show tattoos

Back when I was living and teaching in Seoul having tattoos wasn’t so much of a dilemma as it has been here in Daejeon. Well, not actually a dilemma per se, but since arriving here I have kind of kept them covered and a secret. I kind of figured that Daejeon is a little more […]

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Old School

When Kenny and I were hanging out in Japan talking about tattoos and listening to Johnny Thunders, we always seemed to get on the topic of being “old school.”We both grew up during the same era and even though we might have lived halfway around the world from each other, we have come to share […]

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Jimmy Wong Tattooing Johnny Thunders, 1991

Ever since I started to hang out with my best friend Kenny last year I have become a big fan of Johnny Thunders. Just in case you’re not up on your history of rock and roll, Thunders founded The New York Dolls and later, after The Dolls broke up, founded The Heartbreakers in the early […]

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Tattoos by Horisei: A Work of Art

Three months to the day that I met Horisei for the first time at his Kofu tattoo studio he completed the “Samurai riding on a horse tattoo” which he started two weeks ago.It took three sessions and over 17 hours to complete this tattoo and now, it is definitely a work of art. Over the […]

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Tattoos by Horisei: A work of art in progress

There are tattoos and then there are tattoos.That’s how I felt after I had seen the finished samurai part of the “samurai riding a horse” tattoo that Horisei had spent nearly eight hours working on. It’s truly a work of art when you look closely at the fine detail and the creative use of color […]

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One year later

Has it really been one year since Jimmy Wong’s 1st World Tattoo Arts Festival and Exhibition?So much has happened in my life since I flew to Bangkok for that very special weekend. A year ago I was on this unbelievable high when I attended that convention, got a tattoo from Horiken from Yokohama, and then […]

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Getting inked today

With my holiday in Japan winding down I am going to be packing in a lot of activities and things to do the next four days. I can’t believe how fast the past two weeks have gone by; but then again, when you are having a wonderful time like I have had since I have […]

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Traditional Japanese-style tattoos: Awesome ink by Betty from Yokohama

Remember that cheesy old school marijuana leaf tattoo I had on my back?Well, it’s gone thanks to Betty from Yokohama. Kenny had told me that she was a good tattoo artist, but I didn’t know how good she was until I had a look at the sketch she had done for the cover-up as well […]

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