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Johnny Thunders — July 15, 1952-April 23, 1991

It’s been 21 years since Johnny Thunders was found dead in a New Orleans hotel room; some say from drug-related causes while others point to foul play (his passport, clothes, and make up were gone). Known for his work with The New York Dolls and The Heartbreakers with the classic punk rock anthem as “Born […]

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Online Asian Photo Exhibition at The Camel Saloon

The editor of The Camel Saloon, Russell Streur, after he had seen some photos I submitted along with some of my poetry, came up with this cool idea about having an online photo exhibition of some of the photos I have taken during my travels around Asia. Called the Asian Caravan, it is a collection […]

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Picture of the Day: Sawasdee Khrap Ronald McDonald

Got to hand it to the folks who’ve brought us the Big Mac, Happy Meal, and Shamrock Shakes, they know how to market their product overseas, in this case that ubiquitous symbol of fast food around the world, Ronald McDonald who is seen here, outside a McDonald’s in Phuket, Thailand making a “wai” the traditional […]

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Umbrellas Drying in the Sun

Umbrellas Drying in the Sun.   And what is my most popular post at Triond? Believe it or not it is this photo I took of umbrellas drying in the sun at Bo-san Umbrella village in northern Thailand near Chiang Mai back in 1994.  Click on the link (don’t worry it’s safe) and let me […]

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One night in Bangkok

Imagine this scenario: a man travels to Bangkok on vacation. One night, after too much drinking and debauchery, he tries to get back to his hotel, but with all that alcohol he has consumed he loses his way. Unable to get his bearings, he sits down on a pushcart outside a busy 7-11 and passageway […]

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Royal Treatment on Thai Airways

Robbie: Oh, my! I’m sorry. I’ve never been on First class before. Flight Attendant: My name is Joyce. Just buzz if you need anything. Robbie: Sir, is that Billy Idol? Flight Attendant: I believe it is. Robbie: Oh my God! Flight Attendant: Would you like some champagne or some orange juice? Robbie: How much is […]

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The night I narrowly escaped a terrorist bombing

My vacation to Hat Yai in southern Thailand in September 2006 started off with a bomb when about an hour after I checked in the Novotel Hotel a car bomb exploded in a crowded shopping area at the end of the block from the hotel. I had arrived in Hat Yai a little past 7:00 […]

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Christmas in Asia

Halfway around the world in Asia, the celebration of Christmas is quite different than the way it is celebrated in the West. Although the true meaning and spirit of the season might be lost in the obvious commercialization and marketing of the holiday in countries like Japan and Korea, certain traditions and celebrations have evolved […]

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Four hours in Bangkok and miles and miles to go before I sleep

Daejeon.   Incheon.   Hong Kong.   And now Bangkok for four hours.   It’s been a long day after a long night and I still have miles and miles to fly before I get to Vientiane and then figure out how to get on the bus to Paksong in the morning.   I know […]

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Tattoo Styling with Jimmy Wong

I got my first tattoo in December 1976 when I was serving in the U.S. Air Force in Panama, but it would be over 20 years later before I would get some more ink done and another eight years before I would meet the Thailand’s legendary tattoo artist, Jimmy Wong. I wrote this a few […]

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