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Jin Air — Seoul to Vientiane: Thanks, but No Thanks

For travelers flying to Laos from South Korea flight options have been limited: there was the Incheon-Hanoi-Vientiane route which left Incheon in the morning and got into Vientiane early in the evening or the Incheon-Bangkok-Vientiane route, which arrived at 2:00 in the afternoon of 9:00 in the evening depending on whether one wanted a three, […]

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Waking Up in the Land of the Morning Calm — Tumuli Park, 1991

Before we journeyed to Pusan, my friend and colleague Ken wanted to spend a day or two in Kyongju, the ancient capital of Korea’s Shilla Kingdom (noted for its arts and the spread of Buddhism). Located in the center of town were these small hills, which were actually burial mounds. You see these mounds all […]

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Waking Up in the Land of the Morning Calm — Chalgachi Fish Market, 1991

One of my first trips outside of Seoul was all the way down to Pusan in early 1991. My friend and colleague Ken Celmer, who had made the same trip the year before wanted to take the same trip again and I joined him. I have an essay about this trip in Waking Up in […]

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On the road from Vientiane to Thakek. Now, there are a couple things going on with this photo. First, “please” is misspelled; okay, that’s a little obvious. Now what got me chuckling is the next part, “butroom.” Yes, it should be “bathroom” but, (no pun intended) butroom makes sense. After all, it is a room […]

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He was in such a hurry to get off the plane…

Have you ever been on a plane and noticed how some travelers jump out of their seats as soon as the plane hits the runway, open up the overhead bins, and start to pull out their bags before a flight attendant has to yell at them to sit their asses down and wait for the […]

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Vientiane: The times are a changin’

Earlier this year I read on Samakomlao this informative Laos’ Website that The Pizza Company, this popular Thai pizza franchise was going to open their first store in Vientiane and become the first fast food restaurant in the capital city. I mentioned this to one of my blog readers and said that this could be […]

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Picture of the Day: Row of Buddhas at Haw Pha Kaew — Vientiane, Laos

A row of Buddha statues outside Haw Pha Kaew in Vientiane. Interestingly, this temple is no longer a temple, but it is a museum of Buddhist artifacts. Of course, if you are up on your history of Laos and Vientiane then you know that this temple once housed the Emerald Buddha–yes, the Emerald Buddha now […]

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Laos Bound — Incheon International Airport

Didn’t sleep a wink last night but managed to get a few minutes on the airport limousine bus from Daejeon to Incheon International Airport. I left Daejeon at 3:20 and arrived at the airport a little after 6:00. Checked in at 6:50 and now hanging out in the Priority Pass Lounge with a view of the check […]

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iPod Fully Loaded

Remember the days before digitalized music, MP3 players and iPods–when making a compilation tape, whether for a road trip or a friend was an art? It’s like what Rob (John Cusack) says in High Fidelity (2000), “The making of a great compilation tape, like breaking up, is hard to do and takes ages longer than […]

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Picture of the day: Fujiyama from Kofu

Fujiyama or Mt. Fuji rising up from mountains hemming in Kofu. Black and white or in color, Fujiyama is one majestic mountain.

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