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Who’s the Boss?

When I saw this advertisement and billboards of Tommy Lee Jones advertising “Boss” a Japanese brand of can coffee I immediately thought about Bill Murray in Lost in Translation. You know, “for relaxing times, make it Suntory times.” Sorry, Tommy. I tried a can of “Boss” and I wasn’t too crazy about it. I am […]

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“Hey Tattoo Man!”

If you have ever been to Patong Beach in Phuket and walked up and down the main road that runs the length of Patong along the beach there’s a good chance you have been accosted by any number of touts trying to sell you everything from suits, Rolex watches and DVD’s to massages and tuk-tuk […]

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Shipping your belongings home

Today my personal belongings that I had shipped from Korea finally arrived in the States.While that might not seem like anything special or out of the ordinary, it had become a bit of a hassle the past three weeks trying to arrange for a broker and wiring money home to cover handling fees and shipping […]

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Cluster F*cks & Other Lunacy

Some things just boggle the mind.If you were going to do any major roadwork like digging up the street to put in a sidewalk or lay some asphalt, you might want to wait until there’s not too much traffic, right? And if you were to do this kind of roadwork, you probably wouldn’t want to […]

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Wierd and Funny News from South Korea’s Newspapers

Back in the early 90s, I started clipping and keeping a scrapbook of some rather bizarre and funny news items from South Korea’s two English-language newspapers (I guess I had nothing better to do with my time back then when I wasn’t teaching). Maybe, in a rather twisted and humorous way it was a way […]

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Road Rage — Korean Style

There are probably going to be some things that I am definitely going to miss about Korea when I leave here soon. On the other hand, there are some things I know that I’ll never miss, especially Korean bus drivers. For as long as I have been in Korea, I have never been too crazy […]

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Online Dating: Can You Curb Your Libido?

Yeah, I have checked out some of these online matchmaking and meeting sites. Let’s face it, these days with so much of us spending time surfing the net, posting our blogs, sending email and shopping online, it’s only natural I suppose for those of us looking to meet new people to check out some of […]

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Kimchi chocolate, anyone?

You can find all kinds of neat stuff at Namdaemun Market in Seoul; even Kimchi Chocolate!

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Would You Want to Drink This?

I am sure a plum-flavored drink would be very refreshing on a hot day, but I think whoever came up with the name of this product should have given more thought how it would sound in English.

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