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The day I was mistaken for a member of Metallica

“Everyone will be famous for 15 minutes.” – Andy Warhol I’ve had a couple minutes of those 15 minutes of fame, like the day in Seoul back in 1998 when I was mistaken for a member of Metallica. It was right after Metallica had played in Seoul in March 1998 and I had stopped in […]

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Maximum Dislocation

Super-sized Yikes! You know what they say about biting off more than you can chew? Well, a Georgia man found out the hard way when he tried to eat a super-sized sandwich and dislocated his jaw. Talk about a nasty case of lockjaw!

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A couples “only” elevator in Seoul

In the “gee, this sure sounds cheesy” department, a department store in Seoul plans to “introduce an elevator where only couples will be allowed in” according to an article in one of the English language newspapers in Korea. Such a romantic elevator will be operated by Hyundai Department Store, one of the country’s major department […]

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Seoul Shoe Snatcher Seized

When it comes to stealing shoes in Seoul, for one thief it was a case of, if the shoes fit, steal them. According to an online news story, police in Seoul recently caught up with the 59-year-old shoe snatcher known only as Park—but not before, he had literally walked off with more than 1,200 pairs […]

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What’s up with the short track hubbub at the Winter Olympics?

First it was the allegations in the Korean media that Apolo Anton Ohno made some nasty remarks after his 1,500 meter short track match in which he won the silver that incensed the folks here; now, there’s this story about another incident: South Korea’s short track head coach threw bottles of water at a Chinese […]

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While you are asleep: Facebook friends who disappear in the night

Have you ever wondered what happens on Facebook when you go to bed? If you are not in the same time zone—in my case half way around the world—and all your friends are in another time zone, when you wake up in the morning you might be surprised at what has happened while you were […]

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Visitors will not be laundered or cooked in their rooms

As an English instructor in Asia for the past 21 years, one of the things that I have done a lot in the classroom is correct language mistakes—in most cases, incorrect translations or incorrect verb or other vocabulary usage. Sometimes it is like being a “language mechanic”—fixing some of these common mistakes and language that […]

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After all these years in Korea, I still get a kick out the weird and absurd news that somehow finds its way into one of the English-language dailies in Korea. Today’s gem is about a drunken man who ran into the sea in order to avoid a field sobriety test by police. According police in […]

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Don’t get your panties in a twist redux

This has got to be the fifth or sixth time since I came to Korea when I’ve read about some guy getting busted for stealing women’s panties. This time it’s an office worker in his 40s who was caught for stealing over 200 pieces of women’s underwear. According to one of the English-language dailies in […]

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Investigators Probed over Free Drinks and Sex

There are some times when the way the news is reported in Korea that it reads like a Franz Kafka short story or novel. Take for example this news tidbit about the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office internal affairs division investigating two officials on suspicion of receiving entertainment at a room salon (a “legal” bordello where women […]

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