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Mojave Green

Of all my short fiction, one of my stories that is near and dear to me is “Mojave Green” which I originally wrote in 1988 for my MA Thesis at Western Illinois University. The story, which takes place in the small town of Adelanto, California outside of George AFB, is about an airman who finds […]

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Word Count

How many words do you write every day? Some of my author friends are quite prolific when it comes to the number of words they write each day. Some stick to a daily quota and meet that quota no matter what. Others choose a more manageable and polished quota. I’m quite happy if I can […]

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Work in Progress: The Roads We Must Travel

For my next book, I am returning to my roots: the short story. I am tentatively calling it The Roads We Must Travel. I’ve been writing some new stories and tweaking some old ones (ones which have already been published in online literary magazines). Unlike my previous self-publishing projects, for this one I plan on […]

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Dealing with Rejection…Again

I received another rejection notice from an online literary magazine that has published my writing before. It’s my second rejection from the magazine in as many months. Even though rejection is a given is in the nature of the publishing beast, no matter how many times you have been published and no matter how many […]

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KENP (Kindle Edition Normalized Pages) Update

The numbers are in, but it’s nothing to get too excited about. Before Amazon decided to introduce KENP, I was making around $1.35 for each book borrowed. If you are a self-published/indie author that payout was depressing to say the least. Of course, there’s always the chance that if you allow your book to be […]

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What a Difference a Year Makes

Sometimes all it takes is a little distance. Last year I participated in the National Book Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) competition for the first time. I’ve known a couple writer friends who have participated in this grueling 30-day challenge/competition and although I have shied away from it in the past, I thought last year I would […]

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The Writing Process: How Do You Come Up With This Stuff?

How do I come up with the stuff I write about? Thanks to my friend, Nate Tower, he suggested I answer a few questions to let folks know my writing process. This is where everything begins: What are you working on? I just finished my eighth novel, Paradise Lost: Love, Drugs, and War in Panama […]

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The Writing Process: Listen to your Muse

Where do you get your inspiration for your short stories and books is a question I am often asked when people learn that I have written eight books and working on two more? That’s simple. I listen to my Muse. While my source of inspiration might not be exactly like the Muses depicted in the […]

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The Writing Process: Don’t Forget to Save the Liver

One of my favorite Saturday Night Live skits was the one when Dan Aykroyd played Julia Child; while preparing a holiday dish Aykroyd/Child tells viewers not to throw the liver away. What happens next is classic SNL: Saturday Night Live: Save the Liver When writing, you should also “save the liver.” In other words, when […]

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The Writing Process: Old School vs. New School

How do you write? Do you prefer to start with pen/pencil and paper or do you jump right in with your computer? I still prefer to begin all my writing projects with a pen and legal pad. I still love the feeling of  a pen in my hand and the physical act of creating words […]

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