I knew it was going to be rough getting through the holidays this year.

Just didn’t expect it to be this lonely and quiet.

It’s 8:30pm, Christmas Eve 2007 in Daejeon. This morning I had to teach from 9:00-12:00. It’s an intensive class for students who already failed their last English class. Man, that has got to be a bummer to have to take this “make up” class through the holidays. Sadly, most of the students in the class are already failing because they just can’t seem to make it to class.

Received a Christmas card from my father. The only one I have gotten this year so far.

Unlike the two years I taught at ELS and the 14 years I taught at Yonsei, there was no holiday get together for teachers, no cards, no dinner, nothing. Would have thought there would be something but nothing. That just adds to the holiday blues this year.

After class I went to the gym for two hours. Surprisingly, the gym was quite crowded. Just the other day when I went there in the afternoon I was the only person working out.

Picked up some food for the night before coming back home. Just going to watch some episodes of That 70’s Show and Seinfeld the rest of the night. I have It’s a Wonderful Life on my harddrive, but do I really want to torture myself tonight?