Well, Christmas has come and gone and now it’s just getting through the next couple of days and starting with a clean slate in 2008.

Spending Christmas alone in Korea this year for me was a bit rough. And it probably wasn’t a good thing to torture myself by watching some Christmas episodes of That 70’s Show, A Christmas Story, and It’s a Wonderful Life but I had to have something Christmassy to get through the day.

Make no mistake about it, this past year was a major wake up call for me and Christmas alone in Korea was the zenith. Now things are going to get much better for me.

What’s really ironic is that a year ago I was only thinking about getting back to Korea. I didn’t realize then that maybe…just maybe it was time to do something else. I guess I really expected things to be the way they had been before for me living and working here, but once I got back here it just wasn’t the case.

I am just grateful for what I do have and for what I will have in the future.